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Turn your External and Internal Services into Profit Centers

ServicePRO is a cohesive, unified work management platform providing full visibility into company operations while maintaining security requirements of individual departments.






Facilities &






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Department Challenges

Workflow Solutions

Are you experiencing low customer satisfaction?​

Do you have trouble analyzing the needs of your customers?​

Do you find it hard to service customers when in the field?​

Do you find it hard to prioritize and manage your work?​

Are your Service Level Agreements not being met? ​

Do you find it cumbersome to keep track of all your IT assets?​

Are you unable to easily detect and diagnose service issues?​

Are you unable to effectively manage planned changes in your IT operations?​

Are you unable to effectively capture all the IT knowledge and share it with your user community?

Incident Management

Problem Management​

Change Management​

Knowledge Management

Asset Management

Service Request Management

License Compliance and Policy​

Customer Survey​

Integration to external IT systems​

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Department Challenges

Workflow Solutions

Is the mundane process of manual data entry in spreadsheets taking up most of your time?​

Does the lack of workforce visibility and metrics cause frustration?​

Do you use multiple systems for different functions like recruiting, payroll processing and talent management which don’t ‘speak’ to each other?​

Do you find it takes longer to fill open positions due to your manual recruiting process?

Employee Onboarding​

Employee Offboarding​

Employee Record Management​

Expense Management​

Vacation Tracking​

Job Applicant Tracking​

Recruitment Process​

Benefits and Retirement Tracking​

Corporate Training Delivery

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HealthcareFacilities & Estate

Department Challenges

Workflow Solutions

Do you find it hard to maintain a maintenance schedule?​

Are you unable to keep proper records of work orders?​

Does it take longer to submit a work order than to complete the task?​

Do you feel that your facilities staff is not as productive as they could be?​

Are you manually tracking and updating all your assets in a spreadsheet?​

Are you finding it hard to keep your records secure and only accessible to authorized personnel?​

Dispatcher-less Porter Management​

Estate and Facilities Help Desk​

Asset Allocation & Maintenance​

Compliance, Risk and Quality Management​

Access and Security Management​

Contractors & Vendor Management​

Workforce Timesheet & Scheduling​

Project Management & Service Level Agreement

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Department Challenges

Workflow Solutions

Do you find it hard to standardize and automate your marketing processes?​

Are you unable to effectively collect and prioritize marketing ideas?​

Do you find it difficult to keep track of your projects?​

Are you constantly struggling to meet deadlines?

Website Management Project​

Event Management Collaboration​

Newsletter Approval Process​

Marketing Campaign Management​

Market Survey

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Department Challenges

Workflow Solutions

Do you have easy access to information regarding your sales lead from anywhere?​

Do you find it hard to keep track of all your emails and communication with prospects/leads?​

Is the lack of proper reporting hindering you from effectively forecasting your sales?​

Do you find yourself missing out on sales opportunities because of poor time management?​

Are you performing a lot of administrative tasks instead of actual sales functions?

Sales Pipeline Management​

Quotation & Invoice Management​

Customer Order Tracking​

New Customer Onboarding​

Customer Account and Relationship Management​

Customer Complaint Management​

Customer Service Help Desk​

Customer Survey

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HealthcareFinance & Admin

Department Challenges

Workflow Solutions

Do you find it hard to handle and process all the inbound invoices coming through email, fax and mail?​

Does manual data entry cause a lot of human error?​

Are you missing out on early payment incentives?​

Are delayed approvals and manual invoice re-routing causing payment delays?​

Are you lacking a proper document management system, causing items to fall through the cracks?​

Do you find it hard to track and follow up on customer invoices?

Accounts Payable Process​

Accounts Receivable Process​

Vendor Management ​

Contract Management​

Management of purchasing process ​

Purchase Order Management​

Inventory Management​

Product Catalogue Management

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