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From tasks to departmental workflows to company-wide processes, ServicePRO makes it easy to automate workflows, so you can keep projects and processes moving without all the manual work.




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Self-Service Portal

Your help desk may not be staffed around the clock but your self-service portal is always ‘open for business’. End Users increasingly prefer to complete transactions themselves—whenever and wherever they want. Requests submitted via Self Service Portal reduce help desk workload and in-turn reduce costs for work force. Self Service Portal enables end users, customers or employees to submit requests and receive status updates.

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Standardized Communication

The standardization of written communications used by an organization improves credibility within the firm as well as with customers and suppliers. Creating standardized organizational email or memo templates can save your company time and money with client communication. Not only do these templates enable customer service representatives to instantly respond to queries and issues, but they ensure that communication with the customer is consistently on-brand and on-target with company policies.

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Process Automation

One of the hallmarks of mature organizations is utilization of standardized processes where possible. Process automation help produce consistent outcomes because it communicate and control who performs each task, how, and when. Process automation unify tasks, resources, documents and people in a single environment, which leads to increased process speed, visibility and team productivity.

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Service Level Management

Service Level Management is focused on adhering to metrics that are agreed upon by the providers of service and its consumers. SLA Management gives you better visibility on whether you are meeting the needs of your customers as per the agreement. SLA is a pre-agreed measure of the time required by the support teams to respond and resolve issues of your customers. Set customer expectations using Service Level Agreements. Let them know when they can expect a response or the resolution of an issue.

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Document Management

Document management functions enable capture, index, and store, manage, search and retrieve documents across the enterprise. It does so while adhering to the security structure that has been set up by the administrator. Documents consist of electronic files like images, spreadsheets, office documents, PDF’s, graphics, emails, drawings, and more. For extra protection, documents can be encrypted so that only individuals or groups who have been explicitly authorized to access the document can do so.

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Knowledge Management

As technology evolves, knowledge will exist in more and more disparate places. Information gets stuck in email, forums, comments, tickets, and even in the brains of individuals. Centralizing all of that content accelerates learning and helps your team make better decisions. It’s one thing to acquire knowledge regarding the solutions to problems, but, it’s important to share that information with your team so repetitive analysis and troubleshooting can be avoided and proven practical solutions can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

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Team Collaboration

Team collaboration allow people involved in a common task achieve their goals. Collaboration tools allow multiple users to stay connected and work together on projects from any location on nearly any connected device. Team members are able to create workspaces that are viewable and accessible by all other users, regardless of their physical location. Get work done across teams, departments and borders faster and more reliably. Collaborate on content, projects, tasks and more so you get the job done.

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Approval Management

Business approval workflows ensures approval requests are handled effectively and better and faster decisions are made while getting all the necessary information needed for the approval. Say goodbye to endless email threads and hard copies around the office. Utilizing a proper approval workflow software significantly increases the accuracy, transparency and efficiency of your approval processes.

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Time and Billing

Maintaining an accurate timesheet is one of the most crucial tasks when undertaking a project. Not only does it help managers keep track of the consumption of resources, but also allows them to identify the effectiveness of a project. With time tracking, employees can determine where they are spending their time and how well they are utilizing it. Time tracking allow managers to correct cost inefficiencies and inaccuracies and make the project profitable and more successful.

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Workforce Management

Are you using massive spreadsheets and endless meetings to allocate and track sources? There’s better way; connect the right people to the right work in real-time. Monitor and manage your team for maximum utilization while increasing profit margins. Forget spending countless hours sifting through email, downloading attachments and forwarding requests around the department.

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Email Management

Email is a critical means of communication in business institutions. Every day emails are sent from employers to employees, customers to suppliers and more—helping all these groups of people to be in touch. Email management help teams collaborate with more transparency and accountability to manage hundreds of emails to general addresses, like support@ and sales@. You can assign emails to teammates, internally share and discuss emails without messy forwards and reply-alls, or set reminders to respond later.

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Audit Trail

Keep track of who did what and when in the detailed Timeline and Activity Log. Includes comments, timestamps and step and status information. The ability to follow records back to their origin provides numerous benefits, including transparency and a defense of records for compliance, record integrity and accuracy, system protection from misuse or harm, and security of sensitive or vital information.

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