ServicePRO is all about collaborative workflow. A fundamental element of collaboration involves communicating about the task at hand. Quick Messages are a lightweight component that is used within service requests for communications between stakeholders: the requester, support rep(s), and manager(s).

Throughout its lifecycle, a service request can be updated many times by various stakeholders. These updates are shown in the requests activity stream:

In the sample activity stream below, 4 updates are conveniently documented in a service request:

  1. Joanne attached a document
  2. Marco updated the document
  3. Marco then sent a Quick Message to Joanne and Peter
  4. Peter scheduled a meeting with Marco and Joanne.

A Quick Message thread is a conversation on topic that occurs in the context of a service request.
The following thread titled “ARP Document” is a dialog between Joanne and Marco.

The Quick Message tile in the Workbench is active, in that it checks for new messages that have arrived. Clicking on it shows you a line-item grid of the messages (only one shown here), together with a preview of the associated service request.

From the ribbon tool bar, you can reply to the sender of the message, post to the thread participants, clear the message, or snooze it for later.

Quick Messages are a great light-weight communication tool used from within service requests (while updating or viewing them) that enable all stake holders to be ‘on the same page’.

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