Keep your team synchronized, and your tasks documented

ServicePRO’s integrated calendars are great for synchronizing and coordinating tasks, and documenting decisions and action plans taken.

They provide greater functionality than Microsoft Outlook because calendar entries are attached to service requests or projects, and are not cluttered with extraneous or confidential data.

Since we don’t expect that you give up Outlook we provide a complete two-way synchronization functionality between Outlook and ServicePRO. (Not that you couldn't give up Outlook, you could! ServicePRO’s functionality is that comprehensive...)

Let’s take a look at an example. While reviewing the Asset Retirement Plan document (ARP), Peter needs to provide direction and feedback to the documentation team (Marco and Joanne). From the Request Ribbon Tool Bar, Peter selects Schedule > Meeting > New Meeting

From the Request Ribbon Tool Bar, Peter selects Schedule > Meeting > New Meeting

Next, Peter selects the participants, Marco and Joanne. Peter now has to schedule the meeting. He clicks on ‘Check Availability’ tab to check for conflicts

There are no conflicts for Peter’s preferred time of 10:00 AM on June 25th, so he goes ahead and schedules the meeting.

The service request Activity Stream is automatically updated with the meeting:

We can see that Peter’s calendar has also been updated (as have Marco and Joanne’s):

Because of ServicePRO’s integration with Outlook, these meeting slots will appear automatically in the team’s calendars.

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